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Why you need pockets in your underwear

Why you need pockets in your underwear

Published by Alex on Feb 01, 2023

We've been making underwear with pockets since 2007 and people still ask us "Why do I need a pocket on my underwear?". There are many examples of great uses for these pockets, here are a few:

  1. Travel: With pockets in your underwear, you can keep your valuables close and secure. This reduces the risk of theft or loss, and provides peace of mind while you are on the go.  Here are some items you can put in your pocket: passport, money, jewelry, credit card, 
  2. Around the house: Having pockets in your underwear provides an easy and convenient place to hold your phone, glasses and things you need as you move around the house. This eliminates the need for putting on more clothing when you really just want to be in your undies.  Perfect for bringing your phone to get that first cup of coffee.
  3. A big night out: You've planned a big evening and need to bring a few things with you that you may not want to have in your pant pockets (ie. condoms, "vitamins", etc.. ).  Stash those items in your FOXERS and your stuff will be there when you need it!
  4. Clothing without pockets: Most mens clothing have pockets but many women's do not.  Our designer April commonly wears our women's boxer briefs under a skirt allowing her to carry a few items without having to bring her purse everywhere.
  5. Costume parties: We've all been to a costume party and put on our costume only to find that your costume has NO POCKETSWhere am I supposed to carry my wallet during this Santa Pub Crawl?  If you find yourself in this situation, put your FOXERS on under your costume and you'll have pockets to hold your wallet, keys, phone, etc.

We love to hear how our customers use our pockets,  If you have a good example, please send us a note here.

FOXERS offers many styles of underwear with pockets for those who want to keep their belongings close and secure while on the go.  They provide comfort, style and security making them a great addition to any wardrobe.  We offer several styles to fit different body types and style preferences and will continue to add more in the future.  To grab a pair for yourself, shop here.

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