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We Love A Testimonial From A Customer

We Love A Testimonial From A Customer

Published by Ahleah, One of our Wonderful Customers on Aug 23, 2022

This is testimonial we received from on of our amazing customers via email which we HAD to post (after getting her approval to do so of course...). 

"Hello Foxers,

I found out about Foxers maybe a few years when searching for how to make lace shorts. I fell in love with the site and it's ideas and kinda kept my secret love to myself visiting from time to time. As I said that was a few years ago. I've now grown to have more of an appreciation for lingerie and sleepwear. I came back to Foxers to see how the brand had grown, check out the products (hoping to maybe get something for Christmas) and I'm just in love all over again. I just find the product design, the message and the way the company just presents itself to be so wholesome and nice. Not just message of being sexy but also having fun and being comfortable with your body and what you wear. To be completely honest, I would love to work for the Foxers brand someday in the future somehow. Maybe in retail or as a model or ambassador. Though I feel the latter is more a dream than a feasible possibility due to many reasons (experience, location, possibly age depending on demographics...). Anyway, I just want to send some love. I will continue to follow the brand and its growth. And maybe be able to get something for myself and continue to dream. Maybe someday I would be able to represent the Foxers brand. :)

With Love,

- Ahleah"


We always love to hear from our amazing customers! If you would like to tell us your Foxers stories or profess your love for the brand please send us an email at or post in the comments below!

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