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Get Creative With Your Romance

Get Creative With Your Romance

Mar 12, 2019

Although Valentine’s Day has come and gone, couples throughout America can look forward to the springtime coming and focus on new endeavors together. But did you know that the month of February is Creative Romance Month? That’s right - an entire month dedicated to your sweetie, with plenty of opportunity to try new things! Use this guide to optimize your Creative Romance Month well beyond Valentine’s Day and celebrate one another.

Time Between The Sheets… Or Elsewhere!

We’re all familiar with the cliche candle-lit, rose petal-covered, Prince-on-the-speakers bedroom love-making that is closely associated with Valentine’s Day, but why not shake it up this February? Whether you want to explore new places to get it on or experiment with your kinky side, there’s no better time do get down with your bad selves! Consider new places around the house, especially if you’ve got a luxurious tub or jacuzzi. Get the hot water and bubbles ready to go, turn on the jets, and soak up the love. Women, think about purchasing some sultry new lingerie - this can be a gift for both parties! It can definitely be a win/win, as you will feel sexy in your intimatewear and your partner will certainly enjoy the way you look. If you’re looking to change it up from your standard missionary, there are many great resources out there - including the ancient practice of Kama Sutra. Happy hunting; you will certainly find your new favorite thing!

Communication is key between partners, so be sure to have an open and honest conversation. This could be a good time address certain intimacy issues that may be affecting your love life. A very common issue that can affect men is erectile dysfunction (ED), which can diminish the sparks between lovers. Fortunately, there are many ED medications available to fix the issue down there and kickstart the lovemaking. Ladies, if you are having issues with low libido, it may be time to see your primary care provider to rule out issues like hormonal imbalance or psychological stressors. When you’re both feeling healthy with an honest dialogue, you will be able to enjoy one another at your most passionate.

Not Your Typical Date Night

So, Creative Romance Month - it is time to think outside the box. The perennial staple dinner and a movie? it’s totally played out. We’re not saying there isn’t a time and place, but now is the time to come up with something new for date night. The first step is an honest look into your partner’s hobbies and interests; we can come up with plenty of ideas from there. If your special someone is into fitness, think about a date at your nearest climbing gym. You’ve already been climbing any obstacle in your path - why not climb a literal one? If your sweetie is into music, find out where their favorite artist is playing and buy some tickets. Going out of town to see a show can also provide you with an opportunity for a romantic getaway. If you’re traveling to a major city to see a band you both love, check out the surrounding area and see if there are any romantic getaways within a 60-100 miles radius; it’s amazing how many picturesque areas surround cities! There are endless opportunities to get creative with date night, you may surprise yourself.

While we generally associate Valentine’s as the crown jewel of amorous holidays, Creative Romance Month can certainly keep the vibe rolling. Whether you’re exploring your intimacy with the one you love, hitting the town for a romantic evening, or hanging at home enjoying one another’s company, February can serve as a reminder as to why you love each other, and even give you a chance to strengthen your bonds. We urge you to unleash your innovative side and carry the creativity all year long!

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