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Chinese New Year 2016

Jan 16, 2016

Happy Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year 2016 falls on February 8th, and is the year of the monkey. There are numerous ways to go about celebrating the New Year, ranging from cleaning to feasts to luck.

As noted, the year of the monkey comes with a specified list of lucky signs. First off, the main colors celebrated in the coming of the Chinese New Year are blue, white, and gold. Foxers’s Bridal collection and Aurora Valley collection coincides with the lucky colors.

Foxers Bridal Collection (featuring Trellis)

Foxers Aurora Valley Collection

Additionally, the lucky numbers in this New Year are one, seven, and eight. For those that love to travel and explore, the fortunate directions for 2016 are north, northwest, and west. And lastly, chrysanthemums and alliums are featured as the lucky flowers for the New Year.

Chrysanthemums (also called mums)




Cleaning your household before the arrival of the New Year is considered a way to be cleansing negative energy and evilness. However, cleaning on the day of the New Year is considered a bad omen, for the good luck that just arrived would be eliminated. Additionally, feasting on the eve of New Year’s is considered a good omen. Spending the feast with your family and friends represents intimacy and fulfillment. Mandarin oranges are representation of wealthy, good luck, and longevity. It’s considered an important tradition to give each visitor that enters your household a mandarin orange. 

Other good luck tips:

  • Sport the color red, a symbol of happiness, during the welcoming of the New Year.
  • Hide all sharp objects (knives, razor blade, scissors) out of sight. The visibility of sharp objects on the day of the New Year is considered a bad omen, for these items can “shred” a person’s good fortune into small pieces.
  • To avoid bringing past problems and issues, pay your bills and debts.
  • On February 22nd, the last celebration day of the New Year, single people go to a body of water (river, lake, or ocean) and toss in fruit as a symbol of attracting a significant other. A wish for the perfect spouse is deemed necessary for every fruit tossed into the water. In China, women throw in oranges and men toss apples.

Foxers is excited to celebrate the Chinese New Year and wishes everyone a fortunate and healthy year!

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