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Breathing New Life into Beige Lingerie

Breathing New Life into Beige Lingerie

Published by Alex on Jan 26, 2022

Bringing Sexy Back: How Foxers has Breathed New Life into Beige Lingerie

When most people think of beige lingerie, they often tend to think of something a conservative woman would buy, or even recall those strange childhood memories of seeing mom’s “unmentionables' hanging over the shower curtain rod in the bathroom to dry. However, this color has become increasingly popular thanks in part to sexy beige lingerie with lace like the Safari sets designed by Foxers. Upscale lingerie designers like the creative minds behind Foxers are “bringing the sexy back” when it comes to beige–a shade once thought of with barely a rise in one’s pulse. However, the Safari line is cranking up the heat by turning the bedroom into a playful jungle for men who want to get their special woman something truly special. Beige lingerie, such as the Safari collection, takes a time-honored traditional color, and redefines it with a modern design boasting a vibrant paisley waistband with just the right amount of sexy black lace to give this playful set of lingerie an air of class and sophistication.

A Short History of Beige Lingerie

For the most part, beige lingerie as a visually appealing undergarment was created during the latter part of the 19th century. Prior to this period, women were accustomed to restrictive corsets, until Lady Duff-Gordon of Lucile liberated women and redesigned the undergarment to personify an aesthetically pleasing, beautiful extension of one’s sense of fashion and sexuality. Currently, many lingerie pieces are beige to blend in the average skin tone. Then, in the 1920s, the Victorian and Edwardian traditional concept of beige lingerie took a turn and embraced colorful embellishments as seen by the flapper girls of the 1920s. Then, as conservative dips and peaks in fashion fluctuated during the 40s and 50s, and women’s lib movements helped ignite lingerie fashion trends that continued to take on new identities all the way to our current era, beige lingerie has clearly come a long way to shine in the spotlight alongside all other popular lingerie colors featured in boutiques across the country.

Beige Lingerie is the Perfect Canvas for Expression

White or ivory is to be expected as a good flat background for emphasizing color splashes and design elements. However, beige is considered by many designers to offer a more dynamic impact as it strays from the unexpected while facilitating the use of any pattern combos or shades in a design. In fact, fashion designers from Coco Chanel to Alexander McQueen famously used beige in several lines to emphasize color in radical ways. In fact, in the world of interior design, beige is used as a foundation to heighten color and decorative details in spaces. For instance, designer and HGTV personality David Bromstad once went from saying “we don’t do beige” to eating those words and using it as a foundation shade in several projects that revolved around ways to enhance color combinations. Just as beige is the binding source that unites color, so too is beige underwear one of the best shades for highlighting unique bands, colors, patterns, and embellishments on today’s modern lingerie.

Why Foxer’s Safari Collection Takes Beige to a Whole New Level of Sexiness and Fun

Whenever you take something familiar, and give it a new spin, you create drama and excitement. Foxer’s Safari collection has done this above and beyond any textbook example one might encounter at FIT in New York City. By taking a traditional, decades-worn shade like beige, and adding a traditional pattern such as paisley, but in masterfully incorporating vibrant colors in the band that nod to “Boho chic”, with a cute, colorful pocket in the same pattern on the right cheek (called the Lipstick Pocket ). This style is instantly recognized for its authentic, modern take on boy short panties, and the black lace not only further defines the colors on beige, but adds the sexy factor thus tying everything together in a perfectly conceived set of beige lingerie that energizes women on the go, and heats up those after hour moments at home.

Foxers Beige Lingerie Completes the Full Look

Today, a woman’s lingerie is just as important as clothing and outerwear; you are never fully dressed if one of these components is missing. Savvy women with an eye for fashion often find themselves matching their lingerie with the rest of their clothing. When Foxers designed the Safari beige lingerie line, they kept this in mind. For example, several famous jean brands use paisley around the waist, on the belt hoops, at the cuff of the trousers, and as decorative highlights on front and back pockets. Beige naturally compliments practically every shade of denim, so the Safari line of beige lingerie by Foxers makes it very easy for stylish women to coordinate their intimate attire with their jeans and other garments.

Shop Foxers Today for Stylish Beige Lingerie

Foxers offers a wide variety of beige lingerie, as well as the news Safari line in which vibrant colors are bridged with classic, sexy black lace. Whether you want sexy beige lingerie for a special vacation, an anniversary, or for everyday wear, Foxers is at the forefront of style and knows exactly what stylish women look for in beige lingerie that stands out as being hyper stylish, sexy, and fun to wear. 

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