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A Brief Guide to Popular Underwear Styles

A Brief Guide to Popular Underwear Styles

Published by Obinna Morton on Mar 07, 2019

It’s the 21st century. And while we know with certainty that we’ve evolved past the prehistoric tradition of wearing just leaves, we’re not so certain that everyone understands the purpose of different kinds of underwear. At FOXERS we’re believers in not just fashion, but function as well.

So we’ve assembled a brief set of popular kinds of undies (that we also happen to carry), as well as a description of what they are and when you should wear them. It’s important to have even a basic understanding of this so that when you’re shopping, you’ll know what type of undies work well for a particular occasion.

Then you can personalize as needed.

Here are four types of popular undies, and a description of what they are and when to wear them. They are Classic Briefs, Hipsters, Boxers and Thongs.

Here goes.


Classic Briefs: We’ve actually taken this underwear type and added a spin to it—FOXERS “Classic Brief” is actually what is popularly referred to as “boy briefs.” We like this design because it adds a little edge to what you think of as traditional. And even more, we like that boy briefs are easy to wear, and even easier to personalize with a variety of designs. We call it #cutercomfort. FOXERS classic briefs work well with skirts or flared dresses because they can give a little extra coverage in the event of a slight or strong breeze, if you catch our drift.

Hipsters: Hipsters fit low around the waist. They are great for low-rise jeans and offer a snug and comfortable fit. Hipster undies work well with pants so that when you sit, your underwear don’t show. Just make sure your pants are still pulled up enough to avoid the normal person’s version of Plumber’s Cleavage. Also, hipsters can bring a simple comfort with an underwear design that goes well with the natural curves of your body. Hipsters are basic, but in a good way.

Boxers Briefs: What is great about being a girl is that you can dress like a boy when you wanna and keep it absolutely feminine at the same time. It’s magic, really. So if you like the tomboy style, we have the perfect underwear for you—tomboy boxers, boxer briefs and lace boxers. Bring a little edge to your underwear stash with FOXERS boxers (we do love the ring to this). These can be worn like boy shorts under skirts as well, for extra coverage on a windy day.

Thongs: Thongs are the underwear that have a reputation for being “sexy,” but they are actually more than that and quite functional as well. Philosophically speaking, how else would you wear a body-hugging dress, or fitted pants while keeping the lines clean? She thinks, “I need something that hides my dress’s panty lines. Ergo, the thong.” This underwear’s effect will leave you looking seamless in your outfit.

These are four of our signature underwear styles. We believe not only in the expression of you, but also making sure that our undies are functional, too, which is why FOXER’s started in the first place. Our patented bands speak to our focus on cuteness, comfort and function.

So the next time you’re looking for the perfect pair of underwear for a particular outfit, keep these four underwear styles in mind.

You can even skip some of the leg work and check out of selection of Classic Briefs, Hipsters, Boxers and Thongs. We’ll get you started in the right direction.

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