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5 Things to Know Shopping for Lingerie for the Wedding Day

5 Things to Know Shopping for Lingerie for the Wedding Day

Apr 19, 2019

Peak wedding season runs from May to about October. So we’re at the very beginning of this season. There’s lots out there online and through your personal connects that you probably already know about shopping for wedding dresses.

But what about lingerie, too?

Doesn’t this deserve a little attention?

We’ve put together some tips for shopping for lingerie to go with a wedding dress, and tips for your honeymoon or wedding night, when you’ll spend your first official moments with your hubby as a married couple.

Here goes.

5 Tips for Shopping for Lingerie for a Wedding Dress

What goes underneath a wedding dress is an important part of a wedding, too. Take these tips to heart.

  1. Figure out the bra necessities. Does your dress have bra lining? Is it already made to fit your shape and offer support? If so, then you might be able to go without a bra. But of course, wear the dress to see how it fits. If it needs support, you can also contact a tailor to sew in cups. Or you can wear a bra as well. Just make sure that it fits the design of the dress—a plunging neckline should have a bra that mirrors this, or a strapless design merits a strapless bra or corset.                                                                                                                                                  
  2. Lingerie should be invisible. Just like when you’re wearing fitted pants, you want to avoid panty lines. So find underwear that fit the folds of your dress, its nooks and crannies. You’ll want the look to be seamless. That means to check special designs like lace as well, that can impact the look.                                                                 
  3. Match colors. If your lingerie is traditional white, then opt for nude lingerie or white. You don’t want a dress that is slightly tinted because you wore a fun but bright color for your lingerie.                                                                     
  4. Break in the garments. To make sure that you’re not just comfortable but that you avoid any wardrobe issues on the day of your wedding, try on the garments beforehand. Walk around to see how your lingerie feels. Does it fit comfortably? Is it the right size now that you’re past the dressing room phase? Does the fabric work for your skin—not itchy, for example. Give your lingerie a test drive beforehand to make sure that you made the right choice in advance. And don’t forget that you’ll be moving around throughout the day—dancing, dining, commiserating, et cetera. So you’ll need garments that give room to breathe.                                                          
  5. Mold your choices to your type of dress. A form-fitting dress will require lingerie specific to this. If you’re curvy, you will want lingerie with a control top. And for a smaller waist, try a corset. Check out this infographic here for more details.

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