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5 Things to Keep Us Young & Healthy

Oct 05, 2015

Foxers Team loves to stay young and healthy. It’s not a goal, but a lifestyle. Below is the team’s individual lists of some things that keep them refreshed and energized. What’s on your list?

April Spring

  1. Almonds (more calcium than any nut, heart-healthy, low calorie nut) 
  2. Berries (excellent source of fiber, contains Vitamin C, immunity boosting)
  3. Spinach (source of antioxidants, improves skin health)
  4. Bluetooth Headset (syncs with Pandora to motivate longer walks)
  5. MultiDaily Vitamins (high level of calcium to support bones)

Christa McDaniel

  1. Pistachios (good source of protein and fiber, heart healthy)
  2. Avocados (lowers bad cholesterol, gluten and dairy free, anti-aging powerhouse)
  3. Probiotic (good and healthy bacteria, cleanses the gut)
  4. B Complex (converts food into fuel, reduce risk of stroke)
  5. Biotin (keeps skin, hair, nails, eyes, liver, and nervous system healthy)

Reina Ewing

  1. Honest Company Vitamins (bundle of prenatal and regular vitamins to nourish and support the mom and baby)
  2. Water (energizes muscles, controls calories, promotes healthy skin)
  3. Taking the stairs (easily contributes to daily physical activity, improves aerobic capacity)
  4. Apples (decreases risk for diabetes, reduces cholesterol, heart healthy)
  5. Overnight Oatmeal Soak (minimizes late day cravings, defends against deprivation) 

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