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FOXERS Classic Beauty campaign features a unique automobile; a stunning model;and FOXERS great styles. The great news is the Classic Beauty FOXERS poster campaign also has a purpose the poster proceeds benefit the artists involved each model, photographer, and a charity receives a portion of the proceeds! These posters give back! The current charitable cause is the Lung Foundation for a lung transplant. Featured in this FOXERS CLASSIC BEAUTY poster is the beautiful Jenna Hopkins wearing a look from our collection FOXERS Black Lace Black FXLAC3-black cami-chemise and FXBXR-0101 lace boxers. Jenna is sitting in a 1958 Mercedes Gullwing vintage automobile. NOTE: Some of the colors featured in the Classic Beauty posters may have sold out but the style is always in stock in several other great colors and we often restock the sold out colors. Email anytime for more information about the Classic Beauty Campaign or how to join the cause...maybe with your own unique auto/model/FOXERS look.

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